Study shows Ginger may be better for pain than drugs! Ginger which is one of the most commonly used Chinese herbs is compared favorably to cortisone and ibuprofen for the treatment of oesteo and rheumatoid arthritis amounts. Ginger extract was found to be as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs but without all the side effects such […]
Headaches and Traditional Acupuncture Acupuncture has been on the BBC news again today as doctors admit that taking painkillers for persistent headaches may be doing more harm than good. Doctors now believe that the painkillers are so over prescribed that they indeed may be the cause of the headaches. The BBC news continued to say […]
Think about Traditional Acupuncture to help you feel better! Did you know that in Traditional Chinese Medicine there is a condition known as ‘Dampness’ and it is considered to be an external and internal cause of disease? Heavy-limbed, feeling as if you are wading through water, finding it difficult to concentrate, feeling lethargic and a […]
Stinging Nettle Soup
STINGING NETTLE SOUP……… Well why wouldn’t you? Spring has such an amazing effect on our energy, today I was out in the garden as excited as ever looking to see what I could plant. I am the same every year starting a new season of growth. Today as I cleared a raised bed, I came […]
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