"I had been suffering for several months. I had seen my G.P., an osteopath and a physiotherapist. Unfortunately my symptoms were worsening.

The first thing that impressed me about Mrs Kelly was her quiet & attentive approach. She listened to my protracted explanation of my problem and then asked for more information to assist her. . It was this attention to detail, MY DETAIL! that so hugely impressed me.

It was a skill no other medical professional had shown! Mrs. Kelly did not rush through our session and showed incredible patience in her treatment.

After that first session my symptoms reduced. I booked two more sessions as I was due to go on holiday & the flights filled me with dread!

After those two sessions all symptoms were gone! They have not returned and my flexibility has increased to levels that I had prior.

This means that I can now do stretching and flexibility exercises.

I am a fairly typical world weary 47 year old man, I don't see many or much around me on which to heap praise. However, in Mrs Kelly's case I am delighted to say I have met a professional and caring person.

I still find it hard to believe how quickly she was able to resolve my symptom when so many others had failed!

Mrs. Kelly is logical and fair, I have discussed other issues with her and she has been totally honest as to whether her treatments would be of benefit.

I have the greatest pleasure in wholeheartedly recommending Mrs Kelly as an excellent acupuncturist."

Michael O'Dell. A.I.P. R.P.

"This is the 2nd time having Acupuncture with Gillian to assist our fertility treatment. The first time was in 2017 which resulted in a successful pregnancy and birth of our daughter.

Gillian always made me feel comfortable & safe due to her immense experience and knowledge so I didn't hesitate to return to Gillian this year as we embark on our 2nd round of IVF.

Gillian has created a very relaxing and calming environment & and is a kind hearted lady who is very nurturing and yet remains professional at all times."

Mrs Cooke

"Hi Gillian, Thank you so much for the acupuncture treatment yesterday.

I have definitely turned a corner and felt so much better. ..... Looking forward to the next session.

Wish I'd met you years ago when I was suffering with Endo!

Feeling a lot better again today. thank you x"

Mrs J Ingatestone

"We're now slowly adjusting to life with twins, it's tough but I'm loving being a mummy!

Thank you for all your help, your acupuncture helped me remain calm, relaxed and positive and I'm sure helped us conceive. I'm sure I'll be back sometime in the future, if I ever get time to myself!! "

Hannah Smith

"Thank you Gillian for helping my wonderful son come into the world.

Whatever you did to help me through my IVF yesterday made me feel great today!!!

Thank you!!

A little bloated still, but no longer feeling really uncomfortable and I haven't had anymore of that trapped wind pain.

I am looking forward to our treatment session tomorrow! X"

I came to Gillian whilst undertaking iui fertility treatment. I am in know doubt my treatment with Gillian swung it! Every time I look at my son I am grateful to Gillian for her help in bringing him into my life.

I think the acupuncture worked on a physical level of increasing the blood supply to my pelvic area but also psychologically as fertility treatment is very stressful and my appointments with Gillian were a time to relax and regroup.

Gillian is not only technically good at what she does but she is also extraordinarily kind, warm and empathetic. I felt complete trust in everything she did and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great acupuncturist with the highest standards and ethics.

Thank you Gillian for helping my wonderful son come into the world."

Name withheld

"Thank-you ... My quality of life is so much better than it was a year ago"Gillian has treated me regularly over many years. She's helped me through lots of painful and uncomfortable times when I felt there was no option.

The treatment room there is spot on, fresh, clean, cosy and always with a relaxing atmosphere and fragrance. Parking is no problem and no cost.

Even when I haven't any specific problem, I like to see her. I feel she's my maintenance that keeps me at my best physically and mentally. She is always ready to listen.

The benefits of acupuncture have really changed my life and couldn't imagine how I would cope without it.

Some years ago a very close friend of mine was in despair when conventional medicine couldn't help. She too was amazed at what Gillian could and did achieve. We both trust her completely.

I'm so pleased an acquaintance recommended Gillian to me."

Vicki Cox

"Hi Gillian

Sorry I haven't been in touch, I didn't want time to slide into next year without saying hello ( and thank you again!)

I'm still so very pleased that I came to see you, my quality of life is so much better than it was a year ago.

I would like to stay in touch just in case my condition ever deteriorates I would like to think it would be possible for you to treat me."

Kim Wallis

"Dear Gillian

I have been coming to you for many years now and been to you at various addresses. I have never found it difficult to park and your practice is easy to find.

From early on, you reassured me that you were able to help me. I had been told by doctors that my illness was debilitating and that I would end up in a wheelchair. You turned me around so that my illness never became debilitating and, in fact, I returned to work not long after you started acupuncturing. My illness is not curable but, by having regular acupuncture, you have enabled me to live a full and active life. One which the doctors told me I would never return to.

You have always been very welcoming and comforting and the surroundings in which you acupuncture me have always been comfortable, warm and clean. Over the years, you have become something of a confidante and I have recommended you to many of my friends and family.

To me, you are magic !

Thank you so much."

Carol Linge

"It’s hard to impress upon people just how good you make things, Gillian. I have been to you for a variety of things and you have always helped me and made me feel better. You listen, you look and then you acupuncture. I have never had a problem finding your premises and it has always been easy to make an appointment. The surroundings in which you treat are relaxing, warm, comfortable and clean and I cannot speak highly enough of the overall service that you provide. I have always come away from you feeling better, more positive and always relaxed. The reasons I have been to you have ranged from the physical to the psychological and you have helped me enormously in both areas. I trust in your ability and have no hesitation in confiding in you and feel secure that what you are told remains within that room.

After one particular session I was able to enjoy the morning of my wedding far more than I thought I would. I was stress-free and gloriously happy. I was able to enjoy the whole day and didn’t have to breathe a sigh of relief that the stressful part was over !!

I have no hesitation in recommending you and, indeed, have recommended you to everyone I know and sung your praises many, many times!

Acupuncture and Gillian Kelly changed my life and enabled me to sleep at night. Literally."

Joanna Fleming

"I suffered from a pain in my hip for over 2 years, I had dispaired of ever recovering my previous mobility.

I was recommended to see Gillian Kelly. After three months of treatment I am delighted to say that i am totally free of pain, so much so that I can walk over 2 miles on the golf course.

Before seeing Gillian Kelly I had the routine medical tests which should that it was muscular. At that time I had great difficulty in going up stairs and even walking 300yards."


"I have been a regular acupuncture client for several years now Gillian has undoubtedly helped me with my endometriosis and tennis elbow problems.

Gillian’s practise is easy to find and there is plenty of free parking, her treatment room is warm cosy and pus you at ease. It has a relaxing atmosphere.

Gillian always listens to what you say and reflects on it, she then treats accordingly

She always explains what she is doing and why

I have recommended Gillian to lots of friends and family and they have always been happy with the outcome.

Gillian won’t string you along if she feels she cant help with a problem she would advise you or redirect you to another therapy

I couldn’t imagine life with out acupuncture and usually go to see Gillian before I approach more traditional treatments."


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